What Areas Can Be Treated With Fat Freezing?

Perhaps you’ve already read some our articles or watched some of our videos on fat freezing and are considering whether it’s for you.

Perhaps you like the idea of freezing away 20-40% of the fat from a targeted area.

Perhaps you love that you can do it only in one session as opposed to multiple sittings on an inferior machine.

Perhaps you want to look and feel your very best.

Well if you’re wondering what areas can be treated with our cryolipolysis fat freezing machine then wonder no more.

Here’s our founder Hollie to explain…


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If you’re wondering how fat freezing works then it’s all explained for you here.

How Our Hollywood HIFU Face Lift Is Different To The Rest

So you might have heard of HIFU before (high intensity focussed ultrasound, in case you were wondering) and you might even have heard people waxing lyrical about revolutionary face lifts before.

Thing is… our new machine is genuinely different from the rest.

It’s the market leader.

And it’s exclusive to Forever Gorgeous in Dorset.

Here’s Hollie to explain how it’s different and why it might just be the non-surgical solution you’ve been waiting for.


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New HIFU Hollywood Facelift In Bournemouth!

You’ve probably seen some of the posts on Facebook already and no doubt have some questions about our amazing new advanced treatment – the Hollywood Face Lift!

Here our founder Hollie explains the technology being used, how it works and whether it might be right for you.

If you’d like a consultation to discuss our new HIFU Face Lift (that’s High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) then you can do that simply by clicking here.

You can also learn much more about the new treatments below –


how does fat freezing work?

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

You’ve probably seen the news that here at Forever Gorgeous we now offer fat freezing (also known as cryolipolysis).

But have you wondered how fat freezing works?

And if can really remove 20-40% of fat from a targeted area?

(Spoiler alert; yes it can!)

Well here’s Forever Gorgeous founder Hollie to explain exactly how fat freezing works…

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It’s just £29 and that is refundable against the cost of your treatment if you decided to go ahead with it.

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The Anti Aging Journey


As the owner of Forever Gorgeous, I have always had a slight obsession with ageing. It may be working with a bounty of beautiful, clear skinned young ladies with complexions to die for – all of whom are at least 8 years younger than me, or it may just be the way I’m wired. 🤔

All I know is that it’s been a subject that fascinated me for many many years.

I opened Forever Gorgeous in 2009, and I can honestly say no one has ever walked in and said to me, “Can you make me look older please?”

And I have come to realise over time that it’s important to me to look as young in the mirror as I feel in myself.

Which is about 25. 😂

Last year, I took a trip with one of my best friends who lives in Australia. We try to meet somewhere amazing in the world annually and go on an adventure together.

She was turning 40 last March (I still have a few years before I hit that one) so we decided to celebrate during the trip of a lifetime. Seeing as it was her birthday, she got to pick the destination.

Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco was her va-cay of choice. She had no arguments from me. I LOVE these places.

Our trip began in Los Angeles – the home of the rich & famous – and happened to co-incide with Oscar night. A pretty big deal on Hollywood Boulevard! So, when in LA and all that….🎬

We watched on as droves of beautiful women walked the red carpet. Flawless and stunning. Ageless, in fact.

And, it got me thinking.

How do they stay looking so young?

Why can’t us mere mortals stay looking so fresh?

Why does my face drop in places theirs do not?

I mean, I know plastic surgeons are plentiful in that part of the world – but your typical 40 something does not need surgery.

It must have been something else.

These women, that were my age and much older, were defying gravity and I NEEDED to know how.

This slight obsession started me on a journey of discovery to look into exactly how these women, and men, stayed looking so damn young.

I am fully aware that there is a lot that goes in to fresh skin – what we eat, our hydration, how we think, the products we use.

But also, quite simply, the condition of our skin on our face.

How plump it is. The lines. The wrinkles. They all paint a picture. 👱‍♀️

Now for some, this picture is something to be proud of – and that’s AMAZING for those that feel that way. If you are one of those people, the rest of this post will probably not interest you.

But for some, like me, I want to rub out that story and write a new one that fits me better.

What it comes down to is skin science. The condition of the skin is what determines how old we look.

But skin isn’t just one visible layer. It’s multiple layers. Multiple layers that do multiple things – a complicated matrix of cells that feed and rebuild our skin.

And it’s these multiple layers that need to be targeted in order to get the skin we had 10 years ago.

You have no doubt heard of collagen. A protein in the skin that keeps us looking young. As we age and production slows, our faces lose plumpness and we start to look older.

Now, hands up here 🙋‍♀️, I am a bit of a Reality TV junkie, and I was watching my favourite show – The Real Housewives of Orange County. (Yes I know it’s sad, and a terrible waste of my time, but I LOVE IT!)

And whilst watching it, a couple of the ladies – Tamra and Shannon (I believe if I met them, we would be wonderful friends 😁), went for a treatment called a HIFU.

Now, I had come across the letters HIFU in some of my research so it sounded vaguely familiar. These ladies claimed it was what kept them looking young.

And these women look AM-A-ZING for their age.

So, I started to look into this HIFU thing. I started to see what treatments cost, how it worked, why it worked, was it safe, how long did it last.

And, the results were interesting.

I discovered the following –

✅ HIFU machines can be highly effective. But ONLY the good quality machines.

✅ HIFU machines can be dangerous and many don’t carry medical and safety approval.

✅ HIFU Machines cost more than a brand new prestige car 😳

✅ HIFU treatments can cost up to $7,500 in Beverly Hills and New York 😳😳😳

✅ HIFU treatments only need ONE session (if the machine is accurate and powerful enough)

✅ HIFU treatments are THE most advanced face-lifting treatment currently available on the market WITHOUT going under the knife.

These last two points really resonated with me. It almost seemed too good to be true!

It’s been 18 months almost since I started to obsess about those celebrities and I have since seen that HIFU seems to be a big key to what keeps those A-listers looking young.

In fact, according to Laskey Aesthetics In Beverly Hills, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Vanessa Williams and plenty of Real Housewives are all very open about their love of HIFU treatments.

So, what makes it so appealing?

Some aestheticians call this treatment ‘The Holy Grail’ because it can almost do what a scalpel can, without the use of a knife, anesthetic, down time or a bank loan.

What happens is the HIFU treatment – which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – targets two layers under the skin by warming the layer up, causing small micro-injuries which go straight into healing mode, accelerating the production of all the goodies that plump and hydrate our skin.

Firstly, we target the SMAS layer. This is deep dermal tissue. In fact, its the layer that surgeons manipulate during surgery – hence its similar effect.

Second we target the layer where collagen is made – re-creating the plumper skin of our youth.

So, what happens is the skin re-knits and re plumps and the face lifts. Amazing right?

But this is Beverly Hills! This is the city where people never age and everyone has tons of money to chuck at these treatments! 🎦

And we are in Bournemouth! As glam as it is, it’s a long way from Beverly Hills and most of us don’t walk away with a $10 million paycheck every few months.

My mission was to see if I could bring this Hollywood face lift, to Bournemouth, deliver as good results and not put a price tag on it that would make the Kardashians weep.


After much research, testing and training, I can now, most proudly say, we have this treatment and it IS NOT Los Angeles prices.💲

Here are some interesting facts

🙌 The machine we have is the safest and most effective on the market
👍 You only need one treatment to get results
💗 Results can last up to 18 months
💉 There are no needles
💊 There are no chemicals
🚑 It’s non-invasive and non-surgical

OK, so I can probably guess what you are thinking….

“Hollie, what on earth does this cost?”

And that’s a very fair question.

Well, despite these treatments being priced at the multiple thousands of dollars in the US. AND, the multiple thousands of pounds in top London and Liverpool clinics, I am not going to be charging quite that much.


Well, firstly, we only have the machine for a short period of time. Which means I want to utilise it as much as possible and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Secondly, we have had thousands of amazing clients over the years who have supported our little business, and helped it grow. So, I want to make it fair and reasonably priced whilst I can and give something back. 🙌

Thirdly, my hope is that you will love the results so much, you tell all your friends and then I can start to pay the machine off!

Now, I had to really crunch some numbers and take a hit on the first treatments I do, so I have priced the launch bookings at such a low price that it’s a little scary. 😱👻

I have had to put a ‘tiered’ system in place to ensure I can start to raise the prices as I go and as our amazing results get known about far and wide.

Now, an email went out already and we have had heaps of bookings from it, meaning the first tier of prices are almost SOLD OUT. But there are a handful left. And you might still be able to grab them if you move fast.

Here are the first release prices –

Brow Lift (a great botox alternative) – From £150
Jowl Lift – From £199
Nasoblabial line lift – From £199
Jawline lift – From £199
Neck Lift – From £199
Full Face lift – From £499
Full Face & Neck Lift – From £599

***Please note, these prices are limited and will be increasing. See website for up to date prices.***

Now, the first thing you need to do is book a consultation with me. Before we can do your treatment, we need to both be happy that you are suitable for the treatment. We also do a quick test with the machine to ensure you find it comfortable.

Consultations cost £29 and hold your 30 minute space for a slot of your choice. This £29 will be refunded if we decide this treatment isn’t for you.

If you book a Hollywood Facelift (any area) the fee is redeemable against your treatment.

Just click the link below.

I am so excited to share this journey with you. As the owner of Forever Gorgeous and a girl always seeking to look and feel amazing, I truly believe I can personally work with you to gain some amazing results.

If you have made it to the end of the essay – thank you! 👏

I hope to meet you soon, in my own little slice of Hollie-wood (see what I did there?).

Hollie 💕💕💕💕💕
Founder of Forever Gorgeous

Protecting skin in the cold

With temperatures outside dropping below zero, cranking up the heating and enjoying an extra coffee can keep the chill off – but, it can also play havoc with our skin.


Here are our top tips for looking after our skin in this chilly weather…

The rays are still out to play

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean UV rays disappear. Whilst they are weaker than in our warm summer months, if its bright outside, UV rays are present so it’s important we still wear an SPF daily to protect us from harm.

Heat can dehydrate us

Heating inside can rapidly deplete our skins moisture levels by drying our humidity in the air. Ensure you drink plenty of water and wear a good moisturiser morning and evening to prevent over drying

And so can the cold

Its not just heated homes and offices that draw moisture from our skin – but we are susceptible when outdoors too. Cold winds can whip the moisture from our faces, so again, preparing skin before you leave the house with a deeply moisturising cream will help to prevent damage.

Read your lips

Your lips will feel the signs of the cold first, cracking and drying. Use a good quality lip balm to keep them moisturised

Most of all, keep warm have fun and enjoy the snow if we get any!


Much love,


The FG girls xx


September Offer Of The Month – The Body Boost Cocoon

Relaxing | Detoxing | Anti Cellulite & Toning

It’s here! Our September offer has landed with a HUGE big bang – and it’s a reeeeallly good one (with two options, too)!



This ‘all about you’ 55 minute experience not only gives you some precious time, but it also blasts cellulite!

Awesome, huh?!

This one-of-a-kind, limited edition and totally unique treatment includes –

A full body invigorating body brush
A full body application of a Rosemary and Guarana Peel (helps with cellulite, reducing puffiness and smoothing skin)
A body wrap
A pressure point facial massage
A scalp massage
Peel, removal and application of green, jojoba and chamomile firming lotion
A cup of green tea to finish

Just £39 Monday to Friday and only £49 at weekends!

Or, if you prefer a longer treatment…


This option is even more indulgent with a 25 minute scrub added into the mix too.

Not only will this option blast cellulite and chill you out, it will help to rejuvenate the body, leaving it silky smooth and soft. This 80 minute experience includes –

A full Body invigorating body brush
A full body exfoliation
A full body application of a Rosemary and Guarana Peel (helps with cellulite, reducing puffiness and smoothing skin)
A body wrap
A pressure point facial massage
A scalp massage
Peel removal and application of green, jojoba and chamomile firming lotion
A cup of green tea to finish

Just £55 Monday to Friday and only £65 at weekends!

As always, you can book online by clicking HERE or by calling us on 01202 295774.

Here’s our founder Hollie to tell you more…

Top tips for Anti – Aging



Simple steps can have a BIG impact.  Small tweaks to our daily diet, exercise routine and water consumption can result in huge changes. 

A little bit of everything in your diet

To maintain a healthy body and mind, and stay young and active, each meal should include high-quality protein, low-glycaemic carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Get your food in order

To promote digestion, the ideal order we should ingest food is: protein first, then the fibre and, finally, the complex carbohydrates.

Get hydrated

We should drink 8 to 10 glasses of purified water a day: first thing on an empty stomach, one at each meal, the rest during the day.  Depending on its purity, water greatly moisturizes the skin and improves the metabolic process, which is also crucial for the rapid elimination of toxic waste that haunts the body after we eat.

Hydration with water also gives a glow to the skin and helps to flush excess weight.

When we do not drink enough fluids, we are promoting the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles.

Go organic

I know organic food is priced higher than the regular alternatives.  But it’s worth it if the outer glow is important to you!  Organic produce is considerably healthier and doesn’t contain pesticides or hormones or any other yucky contaminants that can be detrimental to our overall health.
Keep it real

Always choose unprocessed real foods.  Processed food is just what is says – a process.  The natural product is amended for consumption – often meaning vital nutrients are stripped away and additives and artificial ingredients are added to keep food lasting longer.

Trade the cup of coffee

Many of us depend on a cup of coffee first thing to get us moving in the morning – but trading in the coffee for a green tea can have incredible benefits.  Studies have proven its anti-ageing qualities and its high levels of anti-oxidants which cleanse the body eliminating the toxic substances that accumulate in the fat on our bodies.  It also diminishes sugar cravings – an all-round winner!

Sweat it out!

30 minutes a day is all it takes to really get your body into gear.  It might seem like a lot – but remember we have 1,440 minutes a day – can’t you find 30 for a bit of workout time?

HIIT training, lifting weights, a run, even a brisk walk can all have huge benefits for our bodies – and our souls too.  When our body is in motion, it is excreting harmful substances and helping aid the purification of our bodies and our skin.

If we sweat – even better!


Sleep for 7 – 9 hours a night.  Whist we sleep, our bodies regenerate cells – it’s when we heal and repair – so it’s vital we give our bodies an opportunity to keep us healthy.

As we get our forty winks, our bodies cancel the negative effects of cortisol (which affects our metabolism and immune system) and our growth hormones and melatonin are released.

This has a huge effect on our skin – and of course, our immune system.

There is no better remedy for a tired and depleted body than quality sleep.  Try a relaxing bath or a herbal tea before bed and switch off your phones and TV for a deep sleep.

Try to De-Stress

Our lives are fast paced.  We pile pressure on ourselves and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.  This is called stress.

Unfortunately, stress accelerates the ageing process because when we feel stressed, worried or nervous, our bodies produce an excess of cortisol.  And when there is an excess, our bodies can’t cancel it all whilst we sleep.

Include some relaxation techniques into your daily routine like meditation or breathing techniques to help manage stress.

Pamper yourself

An hour of your time, weekly, can do wonders for the soul.  Now, of course, you can always visit the spa – but realistically, weekly may not be possible.

So, utilising your home and some clever little tricks can give you some much needed ‘You time’

Choose a day when you can relax at home – our skin mimics our environment and our skin becomes stressed or tense in a difficult environment – and put aside some pamper time.

Get scrubbing

Too many of us fall asleep with a face full of makeup and impurities.  When we sleep, our skin regenerates – and blocked pores and a face full of product that we’ve had on all day, can only upset the regeneration process.  Remember, even makeup  free skin needs a decent cleanse nightly – we pick up dirt, pollution and more each and every day.

Double cleansing nightly and using a good quality cream to help accelerate the repair process will help us wake in the morning with a glowing complexion.


These little changes can have big results! 

Bad Ass Broccoli




Broccoli is a green vegetable, catalogued by experts as a superfood. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and it has been described as the vegetable of higher nutritional value per weight unit of any edible product. It is almost the perfect food, having many uses, benefits, and versatility when it comes to its consumption. It has anti-cancer properties, is a good source of minerals, has almost no fat and is a rich source of many antioxidants.


Broccoli is so rich that it is difficult to summarize all its benefits, but one of the highlight traits of this rich vegetable is being the best source of a chemical called ‘sulforaphane’, a compound that prevents free radicals from breaking down in our body, slowing down the cellular ageing process.





Broccoli may prove to be a natural wonder drug for many types of cancer, in particular, the ones located in the internal organs. That being said, it is particularly beneficial for breast cancer and uterine cancer, since it also removes extra oestrogen from the body.

This is due to the presence of strong anti-carcinogenic compounds like glucoraphanin, diindolylmethane, beta-carotene, selenium and other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, zinc, potassium and certain amino acids, which are also good anti-cancer agents.


The presence of vitamin-C, sulphur and certain amino acids make broccoli one of the greatest detoxifiers. It removes free radicals and toxins like uric acid from the body, thereby purifying the blood and keeping away problems related to toxins such as boils, itches, rashes, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and kidney stones.


The credit for keeping our skin glowing and young goes to antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin-C, as well as vitamin B complex, vitamin E , vitamin A & K, omega 3 fatty acids , amino acids and folate present in the broccoli. They all take very good care of our skin, hair, and nails and leave them glowing, healthy, and radiant. Furthermore, glucoraphanin, one of the phytonutrients found in significant amounts in broccoli, has been connected with reversing the negative effects of sun exposure, so we can turn back the clock on our skin by eating plenty of this beneficial vegetable!


Broccoli is very rich in fibre, the primary dietary ingredient that can relieve constipation – which is the root of almost all stomach disorders. The magnesium and the vitamins present in the broccoli cure acidity, facilitate proper digestion and aid in the absorption of nutrients.

Tummy’s are soothed by aiding inflammation.


Apart from the antioxidants mentioned above, broccoli has a very high fibre content, along with significant levels of beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vitamins. They all reduce bad cholesterol and keep the heart functioning properly by regulating blood pressure. When we steam broccoli, studies have shown that the fibre components combine better with bile, making it much easier and efficient to excrete. Reducing bile has a strong impact on cholesterol levels, thereby helping our heart health. Furthermore, the potassium found in broccoli is a vasodilator that can boost blood flow and oxygenation of essential organs by relaxing tension and stress of veins and blood vessels.


Zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, vitamin A, phosphorus and other vitamins such as B complex, vitamin C and E found in broccoli are very good for ocular health. These substances protect eyes against macular degeneration and cataracts, while also repairing the damage from by radiation.


Being very rich in calcium and other nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, eating broccoli can be very beneficial, particularly for children, old people, and lactating mothers. That’s because these are the people most prone to osteoporosis, weakening of bones and teeth, and calcium deficiency. Since broccoli is so rich and full of nutrients, it can become essential for a pregnant women’s nutritional needs. Furthermore, the folate content in broccoli helps to ensures that there are no birth defects, such as neural tube defects, which are a major problem for pregnant mothers who suffer from folic acid deficiency.


An important mineral, chromium, found abundantly in broccoli, regulates the proper functioning of insulin and blood sugar levels, thereby regulating blood pressure as well. The vitamins, which make all our systems function properly and are found in abundance in broccoli, along with fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, help to regulate blood pressure even more.


Anaemia is directly related to a lack of iron and certain proteins. Broccoli is rich in both of these and hence forms an excellent remedy against anaemia. When we eat Broccoli, our blood travels powerfully through our body, spreading oxygen and nutrients to keep our systems functioning at a high level. Copper is also found in broccoli, which is another mineral that, along with iron, is essential for the production of red blood cells.





Select the small and compact clusters of broccoli as these contain the most concentrated form of nutritional benefits. Choose bright green-purple and form stems – and reject offerings with open flowers or are soft and turning yellow.

Steam or boil broccoli, alone of with other veg. Start by rinsing rather submerging to clean to avoid losing nutrients.

The stem is packed full of goodness, peel this too and include in your meals for extra nutrients.

Cooking broccoli – as with any vegetable – can create a loss of nutrients. Utilise the stem or boil water to form the base of soups or for cooking pasta or rice.

Although broccoli clearly has a wealth of health benefits associated with it, there is always room for caution. For some people, contact with broccoli can cause an allergic rash, as some of the powerful compounds in the vegetable can be irritating to the skin. Other than that, eating broccoli in moderation can be an aid for several diseases and medical conditions that are usually treated with traditional medicine.


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This smoothie is a rich source of folate, vitamin B1 – B6 and K, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It’s a great breakfast alternative!


  • Juice from one large red grapefruit, (or 1 whole, peeled and deseeded)
  • 1 kiwi, peeled
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
  • 2 bananas, peeled
  • 2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach
  • 100ml of filtered water



  1. Add the grapefruit juice and water to a blender.
  2. Add the bananas and kiwi and blend.
  3. Add spinach and blend.
  4. Add flax seeds (if you do not have a powerful blender, grind flax seeds prior to adding in a pestle and mortar or with a coffee grinder).


If you like this recipes, there are tons more in the book we wrote, all about anti ageing!

It’s just £2.99 in the Kindle store and can be eaily downloaded to any phone or computer of Kindle in seconds.  It was researched and written by our founder Hollie and has already received ten 5 star reviews!

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