POW Lashes!!


We’ve recently got a little distracted by these 3D lashes all over Facebook – Younique have been making all sorts of claims about what they can do and how wonderful they are… so…. Because I’m a Curious George, I decided to buy one and see what all the fuss was about.

I personally can’t cope with stick on lashes like the lovely therapists that work with me (who stick them on, perfectly, in seconds).

No, for me, lashes are irritating – I get glue in my eye and they stick in the wrong place and all my makeup runs and it’s just not a good look!

So, when these 3D lashes promised a great way to get POW lashes, easily, for 2 months, from one pack, I HAD to try them.

I’m not easily sold to, and tend to find the flaw in everything – being in the beauty industry means we like to think ‘professionally’ first – and find the flaws before we fall in love.

So, I tried them – and…..


We were surprised – and pleased of course – because for me, I now have a solution for ‘POW’ and ‘WOW’ lashes on a night out (or maybe even everyday as I like how big they make my eyes look!)

Of course, the lady above isn’t me, but the lashes below are – so you can see for yourself… A selfie with an iPhone…

photo (26)

Younique lashes on me today!

We ‘heart’ them.

We ‘heart’ them so much, we’ve signed up as a distributor because we like to share the love. If you fancy grabbing some, jump onto our Younique site and have a nose around – the stuff is good, we like it, and if you like it too – fab!


Remember, NEVER will we sell, stock or promote something we don’t love…Everything we promote has our Forever Gorgeous stamp of excellence!

Share on Facebook or comment on your experience with 3D lashes – we’d love to hear what you think!




Well its 2015 and one of our new years resolutions was to get blogging! As a Beauty Salon and Spa in Bournemouth, we’ve got the inside scoop on whats happening in Bournemouth Town – and will be sharing all of our discoveries through Facebook, Blogs and Email!

Our other New Years Resolutions include –

Showing all of our clients how AMAZING our new Elemis treatment and product range is
Getting lots of Bournemouth Ladies looking 10 years younger with our BIOTEC machine – a dream machine that does more amazing things than we can list – but think Oxygen infusions, LED light therapy, Lifting, Peeling and more!
Welcoming more hens than ever before through our doors!
Helping those hens have the most incredible weekend – not just with us – but in the local area – so we will be sharing ideas on dinner venues, bars, clubs and other activities!

But our NUMBER ONE resolution is to have happy clients and a happy team – sharing all of our skills at fair prices with our lovely guests – who are the people that truly matter to us.

So, hold tight, its going to be an exciting 2015 here at Forever Gorgeous with new exciting products, new treatments, a leisure area revamp (think VIP hot tub hire) and more!

Make sure you’ve joined our monthly comp to win a pamper day for 2 – we announce a new winner on the 1st of every month – and you gotta be in it to win it – so if you haven’t signed up yet, go to our home page and pop in your details – it takes 10 seconds…. you never know – it could be you!

Happy 2015 everyone!