Grab Your Other Half For A Couples Spa Day

There was once a time where spas and beauty treatments were mostly reserved for women and girly days.

There has been a shift recently where it is deemed more acceptable for men to enjoy a spa day just as much as the girls; indulging in a massage, sorting their skin out and even the occasional wax.  Thus, the couples spa day was born.

One of the best things about this shift is that couples can now enjoy a relaxing day out together, and couples rooms are a great way of indulging in this special treat together. Not everywhere has access to a room this size but there are a few special rooms to be found, including a beautiful one right here at Forever Gorgeous.

Our double suite

Our double suite

This space allows couples and of course friends, parents and siblings to enjoy a treatment together, of course it is a good idea to agree on whether you will be chatting or relaxing, as this can be the only minor discrepancy between couples sharing a room!

Packages start from just £99 and our famous ‘Time for Two’ package includes:

Access to our facilities
Dressing gown and slippers
Access to our Luxury lounge (teas and coffees, magazines and day beds)*

A choice of one 55 minute treatment each from the following list –

Coconut Cream Body Glow & Massage (55mins)

Luxury Facial (55 mins)

Full Body Massage (55 mins)
Pure Fiji Island Hydrating Wrap (55 mins)

Strawberries and Cream experience – a light and delicious all over scrub, wrap and massage (55 mins)
Chocolate Wrapper – a chocolate inspired body experience with scrub, wrap and massage (55 mins)
Luxury Manicure (50 mins)
Luxury Pedicure (50 mins)

So why not book a treat for you and your man today, even if he doesn’t say it, we know he’ll love it.

Looking For A Dorset Spa Day?

Maybe you’re organising a hen day, a Mother’s Day surprise or even a corporate unwinding session, a Dorset spa day could be just the ticket.

Nestled in the South West of England, rests a county which many of you reading this will know pretty well.

Dorset, where the sights of the Jurassic coast leave you breathless by the sea, where hours can be wiled away on one of the many beautiful beaches and where many groups of stag and hen dos will descend upon.

No matter if you're a group of 2 or 20 you'll be well looked after at Forever Gorgeous

No matter if you’re a group of 2 or 20 you’ll be well looked after at Forever Gorgeous


Dorset – and Bournemouth in particular – have a lot of reasons to visit and a mountain of hotels to accommodate the streams of people. But apart from the great outdoors, a particular things we now love to do on holiday is get some pampering, and the influx of spas and salons confirms this story.

It is no longer about sloping off on your own however and indulging in an hour or two alone, but very much a group activity with some spas offering group packages and discounts to provide guests with an ultimate package in relaxing together.

Forever Gorgeous offers a very wide selection of group days, ranging from couples day for two all the way up to groups of 20.

With the most popular of days being –

  • £99 per person:
  • 1 x luxury 55 minute treatment
  • use of the pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi
  • use of a huge and incredibly tranquil area for everyone to relax in together in their robes and slippers whilst reading magazines

What more could a group of girls ask for?

To see our full list of Dorset spa day packages, just click here

Unwind as your troubles simply float away...

Unwind as your troubles simply float away…



What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a word that you may hear a lot of these days in salons and magazines, another treatment promising to gently remove our blemishes and unwanted facial lines and wrinkles all wrapped up in one pain free treatment.

But how much do we actually know about microdermabrasion and what this long fancy sounding word can genuinely do for us?  Although it may sound like a recently invented treatment, microdermabrasion’s routes go way back to the 1980s in Europe before being picked up and taken to America where Hollywood continuously infiltrates new treatments into their fountain of youth.

So we've all heard of microdermabrasion, but what exactly is it?

So we’ve all heard of microdermabrasion, but what exactly is it?

So what exactly is microdermabrasion?

This is a general term for the application of tiny tough grains to buff away the surface of the skin. There are a wide variety of treatments and products that this can be applied to which may be why you have heard it advertised in a variety of places, treatments and products. The most common place the word can now be found is usually in the salons and spas. This kind of microdermabrasion uses a vacuum system to push the grains out onto the skin, whip up the dead skin of the stratum corneum (the very surface of the skin and the home of our lines and blemishes) and to suck it back again taking our facial and ageing discrepancies with it.  In amongst this action, the natural healing process the skin then goes into brings fresh new skin cells, sucks and lifts away debris underneath the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin all formulating in fresh skin, which is firmer and younger looking.

So will it work for you?

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that certainly works as a preventative measure, whipping fine lines and surface issues away before they can begin, so is certainly a good treatment for those who enjoy looking after their skin and being pampered in a salon environment usually seeing results after just one treatment. But it is also an excellent low key measure to help our issues once they have already arrived, specifically for pesky lines, deeper wrinkles, acne and acne scarring and even body ailments such as cellulite and stretch marks.

As with anything skin based, results can take a few sessions to see, but with every person and every problem a different one, time is a difficult thing to measure, but with short term problems being resolved too such as tiredness, dry skin, uneven skin tone and skin smoothness, this is definitely a non-committal procedure that could be worth trying for something a little stronger than your average facial.

Looking for smoother skin?  Look no further.

Looking for smoother skin? Look no further.

If it was good enough for the Hollywood elite in its most archaic form, I’d say it definitely good enough for me. At £39 for a 60 minute treatment Forever Gorgeous can talk through your needs and desires for your skin, short and long term and help you book in a plan of action to get the skin you have always wanted.

Get in touch with our girls today and get your first appointment scheduled!

You can see more of our microdermabrasion packages here.

Why You Will Learn To Love Waxing

We are all born with hair, it covers almost every inch of our body and serves the purposes of protection, keeping us warm and regulating body temperature.

Somewhere along the line, particularly for woman kind, it became the most unfashionable and unwanted body by product.

There are lots of ways of removing this heinous crime against smooth skin; tweezing, threading, electrolysis, laser hair removal, removal creams, waxing and with each year that passes, new techniques all promising to be less painful and yet more effective on the market. Yet still one seems to lead the pack in keeping us silky smooth, the good old fashioned wax.

Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit...

Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit…

Many of us will have at last had our eyebrows slathered in warm goo and ripped off but what about the other areas which some might still be nervous about?

For a long time, I convinced myself I had a fuzz free top lip, until a combination of my beautician more than giving me a hint, and an unfortunate angle in a strong day light mirror finally convinced me otherwise.

So eventually working up the courage I decided to try a lip wax. It would be crazy and very wrong of me to say it wasn’t painful, but the process was over so quickly that you barely have time to change your mind. My legs however never felt worth the time or effort for me, I am quite happy to have a quick shave every other day, and the world won’t end if I have the occasional hairy knee.

I know others who are religious with their leg waxing, and having a smooth leg ready to go at all times is necessary for them. That’s the beautiful things about waxing, the diversity it can carry, and the long or short term prospects of it.

What I do know is to not worry about it and give it a try if intrigued.

Forever Gorgeous offer a 25% discount on all waxing on Tuesdays, so try it for less with the professional therapists and see what area works for you. Some tips to make it as hassle free as possible, would be to take paracetamol a few hours before your appointment, make sure hair is long enough to ensure a good removal and make sure you have no engagements soon after having a facial wax just in case any redness stays with you.

Elemis Facials In Bournemouth

For a relaxing, invigorating Elemis facial in Bournemouth try Forevery Gorgeous Day Spa and beauty salon located within The Queens Hotel. We also stock a full range of Elemis products for your ultimate aftercare solution.

Click here for more details on our range of Elemis facials.

Forever Gorgeous is the premier day spa and beauty salon in Bournemouth, Dorset.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Tan

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about a holiday, is once the relaxing is over and finished with, we have the glory of the holiday tan to see us through the holiday blues and to remind us that going away did actually happen.

But sadly, even the darkest of sun kissed skins will eventually fade.  As we know there are a few things we can do to replicate this holiday skin and keep us feeling bronzed all year round.

So, what options are available?

The first and the cheapest (coming in at around £5 for 10 minutes) is the sun bed, something that I am sure we have all tried or been tempted by at least at one time or another, but knowing the long term effects of this on our skin we know that this technique should be avoided at all costs.

The next is a slightly more unusual route to getting the desired tan, something that only the most dedicated of tanners will probably have tried at this time, and that is tanning pills.  Starting at around £10 for 60 tablets, these originally worked by “depositing in various parts of the body, including the skin, where it imparts a colour.’

In the 90s these got a pretty bad rep for causing undesirable side effects such as discoloured eyes, an orange hue to the skin and in some cases more serious issues such as problems with the liver.  This was due to a certain chemical called canthaxanthin which is not approved by the FDA any longer.  Now time has moved on, the jury is still very out on whether pills can cause a natural tan without suffering any sun damage, the best alternative are tan enhancers which contain only vitamins so unlikely to have any side effects but research is inconclusive as to whether they will actually darken your skin colour.

Everyone wants a perfect and natural looking tan

Everyone wants a perfect and natural looking tan

So we are left with the spray tan, the messiest of options, but by far the safest and if done right, the most natural. With the self-tan industry in the UK alone being worth around £100million and Bournemouth salon Forever Gorgeous doing more than 50 spray tans a month, seems as though everyone is on the band wagon, so the industry must be doing something right.

So how do you choose which product and which salon?

Word of mouth is a beautiful form of advertising; ask a friend with similar skin tones to you what works for them. People should only see a slight orange tone if the level of chemical used to promote the tan, DHA, is too high for their skin. So for example a 12% could look great on someone with already olive skin, but could turn a pale person bright orange.  This isn’t the tan or applicator’s fault, just a wrong blend of chemical to skin.

There are some little techniques aside from the usual exfoliation and moisturiser in the correct areas that can help it look as natural as possible. Ensure the therapist wipes over your palms and nails while the tan is still fresh, pats down your wrists and ankle and any areas of excess spray and make sure when washing off the tan that you rub the skin gently with the water to ensure even coverage and no streaks.

For the perfect tan and a range of products to choose from, therapists with years of experience and a passion for delivering a product spray tan call in at Forever Gorgeous Day Spa in the Queens Hotel Bournemouth for expert advice on keeping your skin bronzed and sun kissed at all times without the fuss.