Facials And So Much More For Problem Skin

Over the years a facial has become one of the most popular and diverse of treatments.

There are scrubs, peels, masques, relaxing treatments, stimulating treatments, electrical treatments, snail facials, gold facials and laser facials.

The list is endless, something to suit every budget and an absolute minefield of choices for what is best for our skin; so how do we choose what facial is for us?

Facials are for men as well as women!

Facials are for men as well as women!

The best thing if you have no idea where to start would be talking to a skin specialist at somewhere such as Forever Gorgeous.

Discussing with a professional can slowly start to narrow the process down and advise you on what treatments will have the greatest effect on your particular issues.  For example some people have excellent tone in their facial muscles but lots of fine lines have appeared so for them a microdermabrasion would be most suitable compared to dropping jowls and facial muscles but very few wrinkles which would be better suited to a non-surgical facelift to help target and tone the muscles.

For acne scarred skin and deep very inset wrinkles something stronger like a skin peel would be most beneficial as this is re building the skin, slowly working the scars or lines up and away from the skin.  Of course a combination of all treatments would the ideal scenario to keep the skin at its absolute pinnacle of youth, however we know this isn’t realistic for busy lives and empty purses.

So as a rough guide, (skin is so unique and individual it is hard to say exactly) below are the best treatments and how often you could be having these treatments to help sort the problem as quickly as possible.

Elemis facials have been listed the majority of times as they have some very advanced systems that can be incorporated into their facials to target every problem, visit here for more information on how these very special products can help you.

Fine lines – twice a month

Microdermabrasion, Elemis facial

Prevention – once a month

Elemis facial, microdermabrasion, non-surgical facelift

Spots – twice a month until reduced problem, then maintenance as needed

Elemis facial, Regima skin peel

Acne – Once to twice a month depending on therapist’s advice and severity

Regima Skin peel

Jowls – Once a week

Non-surgical facelift, Elemis facial

Crows feet – Twice a month

Non-surgical face lift, Elemis facial,  Microdermabrasion

Nothing beats chatting to the experts ahead of any treatment or course of treatments.  We take your skin very seriously so get in touch today for an informal chat on 01202 294774.