Helping your makeup last the distance


As women we like to present ourselves in a certain way, so we take the time to apply our daily war paint, whether it be a full face or just a slick of mascara, that little something helps us brave the world and our Chrsitmas parties with a touch more confidence, but we often notice towards the end of the night, we may not be looking as perfect as we did a few hours previously.

There’s no escaping Facebook, Snapchat and instagram now with cameras on every phone – so looking good and staying looking good is key to ensure picture perfect tags this Christmas!

  • Keeping make up on all night starts with the skin. Make sure skin is well exfoliated a few times a week to slough off dead cells which are prone to flaking. If applying makeup onto dead flaky skin it will naturally be shedding more throughout the night, taking your make up with it.
  • Skin also needs to be well moisturised to make sure skin isn’t thirsty but avoid super rich creamy moisturisers during the day as these will force foundation to slide off the skin.
  • It is easy with our hectice ‘get ready’ schedules  to not take the time to allow our water, serums, moisturisers, foundations etc to sink in, but leaving the appropriate amount of time in-between each product will give a firmer base for  makeup
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  • Trial a primer and see if it works for you. Sometimes primers can be excellent in helping the makeup stick to your face but sometimes if using the right products, it might be a wasted effort. So visit some counters and ask to trial a primer to see if it works for you and your makeup.
  • Keep foundation thin, add more layers if you need to, but start with less so you can be as thin as possible while still gaining the coverage you require.
  • Setting powder over the top of foundation can make a real difference. This is also a better product to re apply half way through the night if you need to, to keep your matte look, than a liquid or cream foundation.
  • Make sure all previous mascara is thoroughly removed from the lashes before reapplying a new layer. Build up can be bad for the lashes causing them to break.
  • Avoid touching your face throughout the night. This is something we all do more than what we notice, but with every touch removes more product.

Enjoy your parties ladies! xxx