Why the sun is making you old.


When I was a teenager, a tan was EVERYTHING to me. It made me look younger, leaner, healthier and happier. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Except their wasn’t nothing to lose, was there?

No. I lost my youth!

My lovely young skin started to age prematurely – lines, pigmentation, crinkly eyes, dehydration and more.

Now, being quite vain meant I wasn’t too happy about this, In certain lights my skin looked lovely and fresh, but catch me in direct sunlight or after a bad night’s sleep and well, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Because when we talk about ‘looking good’ from purely an aesthetic position – as in purely how we look and not the type of person we are – skin is a HUGE measurement of that. And the condition of our skin to be precise.

That doesn’t mean wrinkle free and perfectly smooth skin. It means healthy, glowing, and aging at a natural and reasonable rate.

I decided to go on a bit of a mission and work to reverse the damage I had done. And I have had dramatic results. I can honestly say that at freshly 38 years old, my skin is better than it was at 28. I have worked to combat all my woes – dehydration, dark circles, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation – because I basically had it all.

But now, I am happy in my skin, because it glows, its healthy and its not too bad for my age.

So what did I do to get my glow back?

Nothing extreme. Nothing expensive. Nothing crazy.

I wore and SPF everyday. I saw the damage the sun had done, so it was time to hit pause. I wear a good quality SPF on my skin everyday. On holiday I reapply constantly and I use a facial specific product so if it drips in my eyes, I don’t look like I have been chopping onions all day.

I drank more water. I know its obvious and we all know it. But do we do it?! Possibly not. When dark circles appear and skin feels tight and dry, its usually a sign of dehydration in your body. Ditch the coffee and lose the booze and replace with mineral or filtered water as much as you can. Your skin and body will thank you.

I invested in products. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch. In my line of work, I get access to high end products and treatments that do wonderful things – all of which have helped. Choosing the RIGHT skincare is paramount – and you can only really do that with the help of a professional. Beauty therapists and aestheticians study skin in depth and can help you make informed decisions. Choosing for yourself off a shelf in a chemist or from amazon could help, but could also damage.

I had treatments. Simply put, sometimes a product just isn’t enough. Advanced treatments work with amazing products to get amazing results – and together you can gain incredible changes through very advanced technology. Almost any concern nowadays can be solved with a machine and a skilled technician.

I ate right. Food can be an incredible source of skin rejuvenation. After all, we are what we eat. our body’s rebuild themselves using what we consume as building blocks – so a good, clean, fresh, organic healthy diet will do wonders to help repair and replenish

I took supplements. There are some incredible supplements out there, formulated to feed the skin nutrients that aren’t necessarily abundant in our food. There’s lots on the market, so do your research. Some can be extortionately and unnecessarily expensive – but many offer rave reviews.

I was consistent. Great skin doesn’t happen over night – and neither does the damage. Years of sun exposure, smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle will accelerate collagen breakdown, so be patient with a new routine. Keep at it. Stick with it. Results will follow. After all, a we don’t gain muscle or lose lots of weight over night – daily work will make the change.

Speak to us here if you want to know what we can do. We are passionate about skin and making positive changes – after all, if I can change my skin, I think we can change anyone’s!

That’s all for now


Hollie x