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Protecting skin in the cold

With temperatures outside dropping below zero, cranking up the heating and enjoying an extra coffee can keep the chill off – but, it can also play havoc with our skin.   Here are our top tips for looking after our skin in this chilly weather… The rays are still out to play Just because it’s […]

September Offer Of The Month – The Body Boost Cocoon

Relaxing | Detoxing | Anti Cellulite & Toning It’s here! Our September offer has landed with a HUGE big bang – and it’s a reeeeallly good one (with two options, too)! Introducing… THE BODY BOOST COCOON This ‘all about you’ 55 minute experience not only gives you some precious time, but it also blasts cellulite! […]

Top tips for Anti – Aging

TOP TIPS TO FOLLOW EVERYDAY!   Simple steps can have a BIG impact.  Small tweaks to our daily diet, exercise routine and water consumption can result in huge changes.  A little bit of everything in your diet To maintain a healthy body and mind, and stay young and active, each meal should include high-quality protein, […]

Bad Ass Broccoli

  BROCCOLI   Broccoli is a green vegetable, catalogued by experts as a superfood. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and it has been described as the vegetable of higher nutritional value per weight unit of any edible product. It is almost the perfect food, having many uses, benefits, and versatility when it comes […]


This smoothie is a rich source of folate, vitamin B1 – B6 and K, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It’s a great breakfast alternative! Ingredients:  Juice from one large red grapefruit, (or 1 whole, peeled and deseeded) 1 kiwi, peeled 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds 2 bananas, peeled 2 handfuls of fresh baby […]

Its all about the avocados

AVOCADO   This little green fruit is loved by many!  Avocados are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. It is the fruit of a tree native to South Central Mexico, which is not sweet, but distinctly and subtly flavoured, with a smooth texture. Its consumption has spread in the last decades; people […]

Helping your makeup last the distance

  As women we like to present ourselves in a certain way, so we take the time to apply our daily war paint, whether it be a full face or just a slick of mascara, that little something helps us brave the world and our Chrsitmas parties with a touch more confidence, but we often […]

How To Slow Down The Ageing Process

When those pesky lines appear around our eyes, it can make us feel a ‘little sensitive’ to say the least. There are some of us that embrace the laughter lines and grow old gracefully, and there are others (like us) that dig our heels in and refuse to give in! There are some incredible products […]

Facials And So Much More For Problem Skin

Over the years a facial has become one of the most popular and diverse of treatments. There are scrubs, peels, masques, relaxing treatments, stimulating treatments, electrical treatments, snail facials, gold facials and laser facials. The list is endless, something to suit every budget and an absolute minefield of choices for what is best for our […]